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Monthly Service Topics

Coffee Hour follows the worship service in Baker Hall.
Join Rev. Makar for the Sermon Chat at noon in the Chapel.

Sunday, june 26, 10:15 aM

Why DO UUs Worship, Anyway?

 Donna Evans-Deyermond

If we don’t all believe in the same higher power, or can’t even agree there is a higher power— then why do we participate in worship? What do we get out of it? Hopefully, the exploration of these questions will result in a few answers — or maybe we’ll just find more questions?

sunday, june 30, 10:15 aM

“Let Them Be Sea Captains”:  Exploring The Wisdom of Margaret Fuller’s Feminist Legacy

Rev. Rina Shere

Unitarian Margaret Fuller was a singular presence in mid-19th century American culture as a thinker, writer, and activist.  Most often remembered as the editor of the Transcendentalist magazine The Dial, her courageous writing gave voice to women most often shunned and ignored by society, and propelled her career as a journalist in both the U.S. and Europe.  Join us this morning to explore her thoughts on intelligence, creativity, and what makes life rich for each of us.

Sunday, july 7, 10:15 AM

Exploring the Many Layers of Grief

Rev. Shirley Nelson

Grief is a solvent that has a way of softening and loosening the deepest currents in our habitual ways of being and it can shape us in amazing ways. Grief deepens our capacity to be with sorrow and to embrace the welcoming warmth of community. Peeling back the layers of loss creates spaciousness and reveals new pathways to healing and restoration.

Sunday, july 14, 10:15 am

What’s Your Non-Church Church?

Scott Leonard

Most of us would not want our spouse, partner, or best friend to be our only friend. Most of us need a variety of human connections to help us experience life more fully. Likewise, West Shore might not be your only source for spiritual practice, self-expression, and renewal.  What is your non-church church? What do we do, why do we do it, and what part of it might we bring back to share with others here at West Shore?

Sunday, july 21, 10:15 am

Mother Mary Calls to Me

Ria Terranova-Webb

A call to a spiritual path comes in many forms and may be clever in its persistence if not heeded. My call to the Divine Feminine began when I was a young Roman Catholic child: the “Blessed Virgin Mother” drawing my attention in her iconic blue veil. It would take decades for me to understand the nature of that call and to recognize that it was the “womb” of a lifelong spiritual journey.

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    West Shore Choir

    The music program is enhanced by the choirs of West Shore. At the heart of the choral program is the West Shore Choir. The choir has been widely known throughout the Cleveland area as a choir of extreme excellence.

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    Junior Choir

    The Junior Choir welcomes those from kindergarten into high school. Our wide age range helps to create a family atmosphere for choir members. The only requirement of membership is to care about each other.

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