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Sundays @ 10:15 AM

Worship services happen weekly at 10:15 am. Visitors are always welcome! Coffee Hour follows the service in Baker Hall.  Check out this month’s service topics below.


Sunday, december 4, 10:15 AM – LIVESTREAM

The Forgotten Law

Rev. Anthony Makar

Sweetgrass plays a key role in Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book entitled Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants. Among other things, it is the symbol of the positive, symbiotic relationship between humans and the nonhuman world–what had once been and what may yet be again if we return to the Law of Reciprocity. Join Rev. Makar for this third installment of our year-long sermon series based on Dr. Kimmerer’s best-selling, award-winning book.

Sunday, december 11, 10:15 AM – LIVESTREAM

Annual Choral Holiday Service

West Shore Choir – Directed by David Blazer

Sunday, december 18, 10:15 AM – LIVESTREAM

Dear Animals in the Stable

Rev. Anthony Makar

The Christmas Story involves any number of compelling figures: Joseph and Mary, the wise men, the animals in the stable, the angels, King Herod, and so on. There’s more to each than meets the eye. In previous years, I shared my personal letters to Mary and to Joseph, and now, this year, I share my personal letter to the animals in the stable. 

Saturday, December 24, 5:00 pm – LIVESTREAM

Family Service

Rev. Anthony Makar

All ages are welcome to this participatory festival of songs and stories of the season. Our family service includes the Junior Choir and ends with a gorgeous ritual of candle lighting.

Saturday, December 24, 7:00 pm – LIVESTREAM

Jazz Service

David Blazer

Come and celebrate Christmas Eve at West Shore with jazz! Music Director Dave Blazer has offered jazz for years at Cleveland’s famous Velvet Tango Room, and now we get to enjoy Xmas Eve at West Shore in Jazz style!

Saturday, December 24, 9:00 pm – LIVESTREAM

Carols & Candlelight Service

Rev. Anthony Makar

Come celebrate the festival of Christmas! Sacred readings and poetry, stories and candlelight, along with traditional carols and songs will evoke the spirit of love embedded in the Christmas story.

Sunday, december 25, no Service

Sunday, January 1, 10:00-Noon

Labyrinth Walk

 Baker Hall

The labyrinth is perhaps one of the oldest symbols known to mankind. It is a profound symbol of the spiritual journey. In the Middle Ages, for example, walking a cathedral labyrinth was a substitute for going on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Not everyone could make the long and arduous journey to the Holy Land, so walking a labyrinth in a church was a devotional activity. Today, labyrinths are used as walking meditations, to focus the mind and put the walker in tune with a spiritual reality greater than themselves. 

As 2022 gives way to 2023, you are invited to walk West Shore’s new labyrinth, which will be located in Baker Hall. Drop in anytime between 10am-noon. Besides walking the labyrinth, there will be various other stations set up in the building which can help you navigate the transition to a new year. One station, for example, will be a place where you can light a candle to remember loved ones or honor a turning point in your life. At another station, you will find special slips of paper that dissolve in water. Write down something you’d like to let go of, and experience healing as you see the paper dissolve before your eyes. 

Come to West Shore on January 1 and start the new year off right with a spiritually moving and invigorating experience. 

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    West Shore Choir

    The music program is enhanced by the choirs of West Shore. At the heart of the choral program is the West Shore Choir. The choir has been widely known throughout the Cleveland area as a choir of extreme excellence.

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    Junior Choir

    The Junior Choir welcomes those from kindergarten into high school. Our wide age range helps to create a family atmosphere for choir members. The only requirement of membership is to care about each other.

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