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Sundays @ 10:15 AM

Worship services happen weekly at 10:15 am. Visitors are always welcome! Most Sundays, all generations begin together in the Sanctuary before children and youth leave for classes. Coffee Hour follows the service in Baker Hall. Check out this month’s service topics below.



Coffee Hour currently follows the Livestream services.
The virtual Sermon Chat is held at 12:30pm on Sundays via Zoom.

Sunday, january 16, 10:15 AM – LIVESTREAM

Reading the Bible Again For The First Time:  The Prophets
Rev. Anthony Makar

William P. White writes, “The Bible is a harp with a thousand strings. Play on one to the exclusion of its relationship to the others, and you will develop discord. Play on all of them, keeping them in their places in the divine scale, and you will hear heavenly music all the time.” Today we continue our year-long examination of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures with a focus on the prophets of ancient Israel: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elijah, and others.

Sunday, january 23, 10:15 AM – LIVESTREAM

A Vision for Church Based Justice Work
Rev. Anthony Makar

Prayer is as old as time and as vast as human experience, found in every culture across history. But can prayer be meaningful for Unitarian Universalists today? What if you don’t Having a collective vision for our justice work is critical. If we don’t have a vision for where we’re going, how will we know we’re going in the right direction, or if we’re using our resources responsibly? It is said that even a little effort in the right direction will outperform massive effort in the wrong direction.

Sunday, january 30, 10:15 AM – LIVESTREAM

What are Your Intentions?
Rev. Dave Clements

Intentions are where we commit ourselves to a course of action Having the plan to visit the zoo tomorrow is an example of an intention. The action plan is the content of the intention while the commitment is the attitude towards this content. Successful intentions bring about the intended course of action while unsuccessful intentions fail to do so. We will explore the play between intentions and commitment as it pertains to charting a new year.

Sunday, february 6, 10:15 AM – LIVESTREAM

Reading the Bible Again For The First Time: Books of Wisdom
Rev. Anthony Makar

Andrew Jukes writes, “The letter of Scripture is a veil just as much as it is a revelation; hiding while it reveals, and yet revealing while it hides.” Today we continue our year-long examination of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures with a focus on the great wisdom writings of the Bible, like Ecclesiastes and the Book of Job.  

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    West Shore Choir

    The music program is enhanced by the choirs of West Shore. At the heart of the choral program is the West Shore Choir. The choir has been widely known throughout the Cleveland area as a choir of extreme excellence.

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    Junior Choir

    The Junior Choir welcomes those from kindergarten into high school. Our wide age range helps to create a family atmosphere for choir members. The only requirement of membership is to care about each other.

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