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Sundays @ 10:15 AM

Worship services happen weekly at 10:15 am. Visitors are always welcome! Coffee Hour follows the service in Baker Hall. There is also a virtual coffee hour held on Zoom. Check out this month’s service topics below.


Coffee hour currently follows the worship services.
The hybrid sermon chat is held at 12:00 pm on site and via Zoom.

Sunday, mAy 1, 10:15 AM – LIVESTREAM

Egy Az Isten

Rev. Anthony Makar

“Egy Az Isten” is Hungarian for “God is One,” and it is spoken in the oldest existing Unitarian churches on earth, located in the Transylvanian region of Romania. Today, Rev. Makar shares a version of the sermon he preached to our Partner Church in Bagyon, Transylvania, about the healing power of our faith.

Sunday, may 8, 10:15 AM – LIVESTREAM

Seasons of Parenthood

Rev. Anthony Makar

John Wilmot writes, “Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children and no theories.” Today we explore how the act of parenting (with all its joys and challenges) changes parents over time. Each of us was a child once; how did our parents grow and develop in their parenting of us? If we are parents of children, what does the journey ahead for us look like?

Sunday, may 15, 10:15 AM – LIVESTREAM

Spring Choral Service

West Shore Choir

 Come out or tune in and support these amazing people! This service is for all ages.

Sunday, may 22, 10:15 AM – LIVESTREAM

What It Means to Love a Pet

Rev. Anthony Maker

To love a pet is to open the door to so much–including grief, when that pet dies. Today, we embrace the fullness of this love, in both its joy and its sorrow. “Those who teach the most about humanity aren’t always human” (Donald L. Hicks).

Sunday, may 29, 10:15 AM – LIVESTREAM

Our Authentic Self

 Rabbi Eddie Sukol

The Talmud teaches that each of us should “develop a heart of many rooms.”  What does this actually mean?  How does doing so allow us to be/become our authentic self?

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    West Shore Choir

    The music program is enhanced by the choirs of West Shore. At the heart of the choral program is the West Shore Choir. The choir has been widely known throughout the Cleveland area as a choir of extreme excellence.

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    Junior Choir

    The Junior Choir welcomes those from kindergarten into high school. Our wide age range helps to create a family atmosphere for choir members. The only requirement of membership is to care about each other.

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