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West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

Whichever way you choose to support the church, you will help us to take care of each other, our building and our financial health. The largest support to West Shore is generated from pledges. Pledging is a written commitment that is done annually coinciding with the Stewardship Campaign. However, a pledge can be made at any time.


Make a pledge by using Realm or by printing and returning the pledge form below to the church finance office.



Pledge Payments

Make a one-time pledge payment or set up a recurring payment. A recurring payment can be done through your Realm account or by printing and returning the Electronic Authorization Form to the church finance office.

Pay Pledge with Realm

One is how a church pledge is a very different thing from gifts to other nonprofits, or maintaining a gym membership, or other expenses. Your pledge goes towards building a community that connects you to heart friends. Your pledge strengthens this community that supports you as you go through the ups and downs of life and rallies you with others to do good works of justice.

If you’ve got children, West Shore will support you in raising them. If you are growing closer to someone special, West Shore may end up celebrating your wedding. If a loved one dies, you better believe that West Shore will be by your side, grieving with you. And when the time comes for death to come for you, as it comes to all, West Shore will remember and celebrate you and love and support your family through a challenging time.

It’s awe-inspiring, actually, when you think about what being a part of a church means. And that’s what your pledge is really about. Not that other nonprofits are unimportant, or working out at the gym. But your church is your spiritual home. We ask that you think about your pledge in this light and make West Shore your #1 priority in charitable giving.

So, given your budget, what can you contribute on a weekly or monthly basis that feels both responsible and significant to you? One practical pointer is knowing how much, on average, is needed. On average, given the current membership, it costs about $1,600 per individual member per year (or around $133 per month) to fund our congregation.

If every individual member gave at that level, we would be able to meet all our needs. However, some folks are unable to give at that level, and others are capable of giving much more than that.

This leads to another practical pointer. You might want to consider giving a percentage of your income. Many members work towards a goal of giving 5% of their income. They don’t necessarily start there, but step up towards it over the course of several years. Some people are committed to the goal of a 10% tithe, because that feels best to them.

What’s for sure is that all pledges are needed and welcome, and if we all step up in our giving together, it empowers our church to make more of a positive difference.

How much to pledge?

No one can tell you that—it’s your choice. But consider pledging an amount that reflects a serious commitment to the place you have chosen as your spiritual home.

Whatever amount you lovingly choose, we hope you will give until you feel truly good about your gift!

And if this is your very first time to consider pledging, welcome! If you have questions, just let us know and we’ll walk you through.

Thank you for your generosity! West Shore can’t exist without you!