Our Spiritual Vision

With its historical roots in the Christian and Jewish traditions, Unitarian Universalism is a religion that keeps an open mind to the spiritual questions people have struggled with in all times and places.

Unitarian Universalists are in search for Truth from whatever source Truth may be found. Unitarian Universalists honor the findings of science and the wisdom in art, music, and literature. Unitarian Universalists also draw from the insights of the great world religions, affirming that no single religious tradition or way has all the answers.

Unitarian Universalists are committed to the practice of free religion, or the belief that spiritual growth happens best when people are able to follow their inner summons of personal experience, reason, and intuition. Members of UU congregations worship, sing, play, study, teach, and work for social justice together while remaining strong in individual convictions.


As Unitarian Universalists we believe:
Truth is larger than any one book or way;
Religion and science go hand-in-hand;
Integrity requires freedom of conscience;
Diversity is something to celebrate;
In the struggle for justice, we come alive.
Our highest aspiration and calling is Love.