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West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

Sunday Flowers


Contributing to Sunday Flowers is a way to beautify our Sanctuary as well as to honor important people in our lives. Pick up a reservation form at the church office or print the form below. A standard donation of $60 is requested. Payments can be made at the church office or through Realm.


Musical Arts Society


Support the B. Neil Davis Music Fund by becoming a member of the Musical Arts Society. Membership levels are:

  • Largo $15+
  • Adagio $25+
  • Andante $50+
  • Allegro $100+
  • Presto $250+
  • Benefactor $500+

You can print the Musical Arts Society form or get one from the church office. Payments can be made at the church office or through Realm.


Minister’s Discretionary Fund


The Minister’s Discretionary Fund is one important way that enables West Shore members to put their money in service to kindness and growth.

Sometimes, Minister’s Discretionary Funds are given on behalf of financial need to members, as a way of supplementing our Pastoral Care Program. Such funds help West Shore members to pay bills, purchase food, or supply other essentials on an emergency basis.

Other times, Minister’s Discretionary Funds are given as a way of ensuring that an inability to pay the costs of membership/congregational programming is, in no way, an obstacle to participating. We seek the full inclusion of all people, regardless of financial status.

Still other times, Minister’s Discretionary Funds are given to address growth opportunities that come out of the blue. By definition, such opportunities are unanticipated by the annual budget, so there are no budgeted funds available to allow us to take advantage of these worthy opportunities. Minister’s Discretionary Funds helps solve this problem.

Essentially, uses of Minister’s Discretionary Funds can be varied. All uses, however, must be in alignment with our UU values and with the mission of the church, and in keeping with the Congregation’s tax-exempt status.


Memorial Fund


If you are interested in donating to a fund set up specifically to honor the memory of loved ones, please consider a contribution to our Memorial Fund. Your gift will enable West Shore to continue creating meaningful and spiritual experiences for our members, their families, and visitors. Your gift will be donated to a general fund to be used for religious education, music, and guest speakers for Sunday programs. To find out more about this fund, contact Finance Manager Suehana Kieres at or call the church office at 440-333-2255.