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West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

Each year the Nominating Committee is responsible to the congregation for selecting a slate of three nominees for the Board of Trustees and three nominees for the Nominating Committee, as well as nominees for any addition vacancies that that may have occurred during the church year. The Committee would like to thank everyone who participated in the selection process this year. We are pleased to announce this year’s slate of nominees for West Shore’s church election:

For the Board of Trustees
  • Dorothy Faller, Member since 1973
  • Tamara Sims, Member since 2003
  • Vicky Warden, Member since 2016
For the Nominating Committee
  • Tony Couture, Member since 1997
  • Margaret Gardner, Member since 2016
  • Scott Leonard, Member since 2022

Bios of Candidates


We believe these people are more than capable to participate on these committees and will be an asset to our church leadership. Information on each candidate will be posted on the church bulletin board located outside Rev. Makar’s office and on the church website by March 2024.

Nomination for election to the Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committee may also be made by petition of twenty or more members.  This petition must be presented to the President of the Board of Trustees, Cathy Bollin, at least twenty days prior to the Annual Meeting or Monday, April 8, and must contain the written consent of the nominee, along with the nominee’s photo and bio summarizing their current and past involvement in church activities.  The nominee’s name, photo, and bio will be posted on the church bulletin board and website within five days of receiving the petition.

If members would like to suggest agenda items for the Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 28, please submit the proposed items to the Board of Trustees prior to the March Board meeting on Thursday, March 28. Please reach out to Cathy Bollin at or Kelly Pinkas at if you have an agenda item to    propose.