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West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

Coffee and Conversation

We encourage all visitors to participate in coffee hour after the service. We host a “social hour” both in-person and virtually on Zoom. Our hospitality team and the congregation would love to greet you and show you around our beautiful building. Our Visitors Guide also helps you navigate your way at West Shore.

Getting to Know UU

Intrigued? Want to learn more? Then our Getting to Know UU class is right for YOU! During this class, you’ll have an opportunity to meet with Rev. Anthony Makar; Meghan Ross, Director of Religious Education and Engagement; and Diane Alcorn, our Membership and Engagement Coordinator. This one-hour session speaks to how membership at West Shore might be a part of your spiritual practice. It includes getting to know what our Unitarian Universalist faith is all about and what our Religious Education programs offer for children, youth, and adults. Most importantly, we look forward to getting to know YOU! Classes are available via ZOOM and in person.

Become a Member!

What does it mean to actually “join” a church, and in particular, this one! What are the benefits to you? What responsibility do you have toward the church? If you’re ready, you’ll be invited to sign the Membership Book at the end of the Getting to Know UU class. Periodically, we also hold a formal Member Dedication as part of a Sunday Service to honor and introduce our newest Members to West Shore.

What’s Next?

Once you are introduced to the congregation at a New Member ceremony, you will be invited to explore opportunities for personal and community involvement here at West Shore. Especially for our newest Members, we recommend that you consider:

Joining a Connection Circle. These small groups of 8-10 people meet monthly to discuss a theme through a process of spiritual deep listening. It’s a great way to navigate your spiritual journey while forming lasting friendships.

Attending a Starting Point Class. Starting Point is a 3-session series offered throughout the year. This small-group experience helps participants learn about Unitarian Universalism as a journey, not a set of beliefs. We explore our own spiritual and religious past in the first session. The second looks at the history of UU and the third session will move into the shared journey that our faith leads us to walk together. The workshops are encouraged for new members as well as anyone that has attended our Getting to Know UU session and is wanting a deeper experience with our faith. Upcoming sessions will be found in our Adult Lifelong Learning Publication.

Who Do I Contact?

Diane Alcorn, our Membership and Engagement Coordinator, would love to talk with you more about your interests and answer your questions.

How Do I Sign-Up for Your Weekly and Monthly Newsletters?