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West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

At the Congregational Meeting in May 2023, the West Shore Congregation voted to affirm its collective Justice Vision. To see the brochure and five year timeline for implementation, click here.

In January of 2024, the group responsible for “steering” this effort began its work. This group is the called the Justice Vision Steering Team. Meet the members of this team.


Why are you excited to be part of this steering team?


Mary-Jo Maish: As we dream our future and draw on our history, may we joyfully discover our faith anew and see the work that is ours to do.

Janet Nabring-Stager: I’m excited to use my organizational skills to align the various social justice activities and groups with one another. We have a huge opportunity to connect the tremendous social justice work through our entire congregation.

Stasha Powell: I am a newer member of the congregation but not new to social justice. I look forward to bringing my passion for this work to the congregation. I also look forward to hearing what social justice means to each of you.

Chann Spellman: I am excited to help plan inclusive ways for anyone in our congregation to participate in and learn more about social justice work; and how that participation might become part of our spiritual, joyful experience together.