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Purpose & Mission

The Finance Committee is a standing committee of the West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church Board of Trustees and supports the Board in its annual vision of ministry and financial and fiduciary responsibilities. It assists the Board in its oversight of the congregation’s finances, monitors compliance with finance related policies, ensures that routine financial reports to the Board are clear and helpful, and coordinates the annual audit or review.

The Committee supports the Board by executing these same responsibilities for the West Shore Child Care Center.  The Committee has no management authority and does not participate in day-to-day financial operations and decision making of the Church or Child Care Center.  The Senior Minister and Finance Manager provide the financial reporting and information needed to support the work of the Finance Committee.

Jennifer Wynn | Chair, Finance Committee & WSUUC Treasurer

Jen Wynn serves as the current Finance Committee Chairperson, after a few non-consecutive terms on the Committee.  She has also served a term as a Board Trustee and as Board President.  Jen is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Management Global Accountant (CGMA), with a career that includes public accounting at Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers, a role as the Chief Financial Officer of a housing non-profit, many years as a bank auditor and the Director of Internal Audit Professional Practices at the seventh largest US Bank (PNC), and her current role as Director of Internal Audit Professional Practices at HTLF.  Jen is well versed in internal controls and risk management.  She finds policies, procedures and related compliance very exciting and challenging!  She and her husband Laird have been members at WSUUC since 2007.

Kelly Pinkas | Member, Finance Committee

Kelly PinkasKelly Pinkas and her family have been members at West Shore for 20 years.  During that time, Kelly has worked in several staff positions, served on the Board of Trustees, including as Board President.  She has first hand experience of the church’s budgetary challenges and successes as well as the policies that govern the church’s finances.  She advocates for sound fiscal spending with a long term view toward growth and stability.  Out of church, she is a Senior Project Manager at Modern Retail and owns her own karate school.

Andy Kosiorek | Member, Finance Committee

Andy joined the Church in 1985, and became an active member of various committees in 1990.  He served a 3-year term on the Board of Trustees and served as Chairperson of the Buildings and Grounds Team for many years.  He continues to serve as an advisory member.  Andy oversaw major building renovations for the Church as a Project Manager in 2005-2006.  He has served on the Finance Committee at various times over the years, including in the role of Chairperson in the late 1990s.  Andy is an Emeritus Member of the Finance Committee.

Cheryl Maude | Member, Finance Committee

Cheryl MaudeCheryl Maude became a member of West Shore in 2009. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and worked for 10 years in accounting.  Over the years, she has volunteered for many organizations, often as treasurer.  Besides the Finance Committee, Cheryl is a member of Undoing Oppressions and Sunday Mahjong, and a new member of West Shore FaCT. She enjoys doing Zentangle in her spare time.

Larry Wise | Member, Finance Committee

Larry Wise joined WSUUC in 2015. At Divinity Lutheran Church, he served as the Communications Chair for several years. He was an active member of the Planning Council and worked with the senior youth as a teacher, mentor, and chaperone. Larry works in the computer industry, dealing with operations, project management, and cyber-security. He spent over twenty years in the military, retiring from the reserves as a senior naval officer

Hilary Beatrez | Independent Accountant

Hilary Beatrez has served WSUUC as its independent accountant since 2000, providing consulting, financial statement compilation, agreed-upon procedures, and financial statement review services.  Mr. Beatrez is a certified public accountant with a specialization in the nonprofit industry.  In addition to Mr. Beatrez’s CPA practice, he serves as a full-time chief financial officer for a local nonprofit.  Mr. Beatrez was selected as the 2012 Crain’s CFO of the Year in the small nonprofit/government category, and more recently was selected by Crain’s into its 2022 Notables in Finance class.

Suehana Kieres | Finance Manager

Suehana Kieres has worked at West Shore since 2004.  Her responsibilities include Financial Administration and Accounting, Human Resources, Maintaining External Partnerships, Internal Collaboration, Strategic Analysis and Technology Support.  She helps to advise the Finance Committee and Board of the Church’s financial positioning.  Suehana has 35 years of experience with bookkeeping and financial recordkeeping.  Suehana previously worked at KeyCorp where she served as a Conversion Analyst for Defined Contribution Plans, and at Charles Schwab & Co. where she continued to work in Retirement Plan Services for 4 years as an Associate in Technology & Support Services, a Team Leader for Electronic Services, and as a Senior Consultant for Training and Projects.

The Finance Committee uses the following documents to guide decisions and meet their fiduciary responsibilities to the Church.

WSUUC Procurement Policies

WSUUC Finance Committee Role

WSUUC Investment Guidelines

WSUUC Project Initiative Adoption Policy