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West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

The donation form can be found here.


Have musical or vocal talent?  Offer a serenade for a special occasion or a singing/playing telegram.  Go it alone or as part of an ensemble.

Have a green (or greenish) thumb?  Offer plants or bulbs–flowers or herbs–for pick up or delivery.

Not much of a gardener yourself but willing to assist with yard work for someone else?  Donate time to help with mulching, planting, transplanting, raking, mowing, weeding, etc.

Animal lover?  Donate an offering of pet sitting, walking or feeding.

Amateur or professional photographer, calligrapher, poet, artist?  Offer a creation with content suggestions from the buyer.

Are you a guru at a particular skill or task?  Offer an online Zoom class in how to’s:  How to fix a ________; How to mix popular cocktails;  How to manage _______ on the computer;  How to decorate a cake/cookie/cupcake;  How to meditate, etc.

Willing to “help around the house?”  Make an offer to donate assistance with organizing, storing, packaging, relocating furniture, putting up/taking down a Christmas tree, washing a car,  etc.

Able to do detail work?  Donate a helping hand with addressing Christmas cards or thank you notes and throw in the stamps!

Own a truck?  Make a donation of delivery!  Offer to transport furniture, plants, etc from a vendor or from one house to another.


Former donor of theater tickets?  Try a gift certificate for buyers to select their own theater date and play, from Beck, Clague Playhouse, Great Lakes, Playhouse Square, Cleveland Public, etc., once productions are back on track.

Want to donate an evening experience?  Pair a gift certificate to a theater with one to a nearby restaurant.  Donating to family?  Throw in money for a sitter.  Go in with friends to divide up the cost.

Thinking holiday?  Offer a Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter gift certificate for a local grocery or Honeybaked Ham with enough value for an entire meal.

Love a good theme-oriented gift?  Purchase items around that theme and create a gift basket:  Pet-Lovers, Movie Night, Autumn, Baby, Summer Fun, Baking, Local Vendor Collection, Spa, Cocktails, Grilling, Road Trip, Coffee Lovers, Cinco de Mayo, Chocoholic, Fair Trade, Fishing, based on a particular city, etc.

Want to donate an all day/weekend experience?  Buy a gift card for a State Park, Water Park, Amusement Park, or Museum good for family fun or couples night or weekend.  Make it a group donation.

Think parents “just want to have fun” too?  Buy a Cleveland night on the town.  Include gift certificates for a hotel, Airbnb, or Bed and Breakfast paired with a nearby restaurant and give a couple a much needed respite.

Think it’s more fun to give than receive?  Buy a gift card for a flower shop, fruit arrangement company, gourmet cookie bakery, etc. for someone else to use when gifting.

Want to support a local business?  Buy a certificate for multiple vendors at the West Side Market.  Mix it up with meat, dairy, bread and dessert options to allow for a complete meal.

Love to experience the movies and series offered on demand?  Buy a gift card for a streaming service for a month, 6 months, a year.

Wine lover?  Donate a dinner and overnight stay at Gervasi Winery, Red Fern Inn at Rocky Point Winery, Vineyard Woods, etc.  Work with others to support the cost.

Love buying in bulk?  Share the joy by donating a gift card good for a 1 year Costco/Sam’s Club/BJ’s membership.

Appreciate the power of a spa to unwind in these stressful times?  Give someone the gift of a Spafinder gift card that allows a buyer to choose a convenient spa when and where they feel comfortable for a massage, manicure or other service.

No truck or delivery capability?  Buy and give a gift card to Grubhub or DoorDash and let them do the work!

Want to encourage not only clean hands but clean cars?  Donate a gift card for a car wash!


Host a virtual bingo game.  Deliver or arrange a pickup of bingo cards then meet on a Zoom call.  Have a caller, celebrate winners and offer prizes!  Build in some unexpected silliness if you feel so inclined.

Love to gather in person?  Host a backyard socially distanced outdoor event.  Or move it to a local park and include appropriate activities and prepackaged meals for easy and safe distribution.

Love to play games?  Host charades or pictionary on Zoom.  Deliver sealed charade or pictionary assignments to each participant in advance.  Then, act as host/judge during the event.

Hold a traditional in-home event and ask that all guests be vaccinated.


Have a speciality dish or dishes you enjoy creating–main dish, casserole, soup, set of appetizers?  Offer it as part of a meal for a single, couple or family,  Arrange for pickup or delivery.  Throw in a side or a bottle of wine to ramp it up.  Get friends or family to help with the cost.

Love baking?  Create a dozen smaller dessert items, bread or rolls,  or a fabulous party dessert for delivery or pickup.  Use a special occasion, holiday theme or just a treat night.

Cooking or baking not your thing?  Commission someone you know whose skills you admire and “hire” them to make a special dish.!  Or buy a gift certificate to a favorite bakery for buyers to make their own choices.

Make beer?  Jelly?  Pickles?  Pesto?  Caramel sauce, etc.?  Offer your homemade wares for sale to the highest bidder.