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West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church
Meeting periodically throughout the year, the Coordinating Team


  • Discusses important issues in the church at large.
  • Explores opportunities for ministry.
  • Identifies information that needs to be shared with all our various teams and committees.
  • Provides feedback to top leaders that comes from volunteers serving at the “grassroots.”
  • Collects mission stories to be shared with the congregation at large.


The Coordinating Team


    • Director of Music Dave Blazer and Ministry Associate Jerry Devis, working in partnership to lead the Worship, Music & Arts Program Council.
    • Business Administrator Debbie Elliott and Ministry Associate Kathy Strawser, working in partnership to lead the Caring & Community Council.
    • Director of Religious Education and Engagement Meghan Ross and Ministry Associate Joe Schafer, working in partnership to lead the Religious Education & Engagement Council.
    • Senior Minister Rev. Anthony Makar and Ministry Associate Gloria Bemer, working in partnership to lead the Justice & Outreach Council.
    • Finance Manager Suehana Kieres and Ministry Associates Vicky Warden, working in partnership to lead the Ways & Means Council.
    • At-Large Ministry Associates, Anne Osborne and Barbara Walker.
    • West Shore Child Care Center Director, Karen O’Hagan.
    • Board of Trustee Liaison, Lois Riemer. 

This new structure is about elevating the voice of congregants in matters of programming: empowering greater communication and increased involvement in a way that is more intentional and organized.