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West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

Governance Documents

In his book “Governance and Ministry,” Unitarian Universalist minister and consultant Dan Hotchkiss defines church governance as follows: “Governance is holding the whole institution and its work in trust, voicing its intentions, and taking responsibility for its performance.” Rev. Hotchkiss defines ministry as “the rest of what a congregation does – the daily work of building a community, managing resources, and transforming lives.”

The process of governance at West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church is articulated in two primary governance documents:

    • Our church bylaws are analogous to a constitution. They provide clarity on the roles of church members, the Board of Trustees, and our ministry. They are approved and amended by the congregation.
    • Policies approved and amended by the church Board of Trustees are analogous to legislation. They spell out the ways in which the Board, Senior Minister, and staff work together in accordance with our mission and bylaws, and consistent with our Unitarian Universalist values. Policies need to be responsive to changing opportunities and challenges.


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