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West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

Connected and Committed We are Connected and Committed, and we will continue to stay that way!

Our Connected and Committed logo tells the story picturesquely. Each of us, with our inherent worth and dignity, is like a star in the sky. And though it seems we are separated, our sense of community and our Unitarian Universalist faith connect us and keep us together. We are like one big constellation in the sky, and it looks like a flaming chalice!

Some of the ways we are demonstrating our Connection and Commitment include the following global initiatives:

  • Full functioning during the pandemic; careful management of the process of returning to face-to-face normality.
  • Implementing the new organizational design system, with its Ministry Associate Group, Program Councils and Coordinating Team.
  • Gathering the Justice Visioning Task Force (JVTF) and getting that process started.  JVTF is charged with developing a congregationally-based and congregationally-approved vision of where West Shore’s justice program could be five years into the future, together with an effective strategy for getting us there.
  • Celebrating our 75th Anniversary as a church in the 2021-2022 year—the planning work is happening now.

We are Connected and Committed! Would you consider a pledge this year that reflects your sense of Connection and Commitment to the place you have chosen as your spiritual home?

Thank you!